10 Reasons Why I Hate Being Skinny

April 14, 2008 § 171 Comments

I know that 25% of Americans are obese or whatever. But I am in that .82749% of Americans that are skinny. NATURALLY. Now everyone’s all like, “ohmygoshyouaresoskinnyimsojealous!” but, uh i’m not really happy with that. On the scale at my house, I am 98 lbs (*gasps!!*) and on the scale at my doctor’s office I am 101 lb (*gaspss again!*). I know. Be jealous. Not.

Here we go!

1) Hearing “ohmygoshyouaresoskinnyimsojealous!” over and over again. I’m seriously sick of it. Wanna be skinny? Ever heard of getting off your couch potato but and going outside for a run? Okay, maybe you exercise. Well. Commit to it.

2) Hearing my name connected with the words “anorexic” and “diet” and “not eating”.Shut up people! I eat as much as you do. Maybe even more (I’m talking to all you dieters that eat one carrot stick a day or something. It won’t work)! Don’t JUDGE me because you don’t watch me on a surveillance camera 24/7 and monitor what foods go into my mouth.

Same goes with “you should eat more.”

3) Being reluctant to exercise because you might lose the weight you gained the week before.I just recently found out that I love jogging. The steady thump-thump of your feet as you move across the pavement, grass, or whatever. It’s like flying if you close your eyes (though not recommended because light poles and street signs DO exist). But although it makes my legs stronger, it makes my waist drop a size. Ahhh horrible.

4) Picking up trashy celeb magazines and all you see is “Lose 20 pounds!” & “______. Too skinny? Too fat?” Seriously. I like to indulge upon the lives of the rich and famous just like the other person, but spare me the weight examinations. It makes me feel bad, and it makes the slightly overweight but still damn gorgeous girl next to me self-conscious too.

5) Finding bottoms that fit nicely.People wouldn’t think that this would be a problem but it is. Pants/Jeans that are snug at the waist, flattering on the body, and long past my feet are SO DAMN HARD TO FIND. And plus, i’m skinny but I’m 5’5″ so size 0s are usually too short. >=O

6) How you look like a stick in everything that shows your shoulders and above or knees and below. No explanation needed. It’s a pain.

7) Being light.Push me and I fall. Punch me and I bruise. Blow at me and I fly <– Jk.

8 ) Maybe this is just for me but..Hard to float on water. Is it just because I have minimal body fat?

9) Being cold easily. It’s 65 degrees and I’m still in a sweater and shivering. How the girl across the street comfortable in a small tank top and shorts, I do not know.

10) Lack of boobage. Laugh all you want. But then again, if I did have a nice rack, it’d look odd on my skinny body wouldn’t it. Like bowling balls balanced on a board =P


This may seem like a rant. A list of complaints. In many ways it is. But really, I am very happy with my body and I really think a lot of girls should be too. Everyone is gorgeous in their own way; fat or not fat, boobs or no boobs, tall or short. If there’s is some aspect that you don’t like about you body, aim to change it. If you really put your mind into it, everything will work out fine. But in the end, maybe your body is just like that. So really.



I’m in a PMSing mood gosh dang it ):




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§ 171 Responses to 10 Reasons Why I Hate Being Skinny

  • anita says:

    sister I feel your pain!
    I’m 5’4 and only wieght 110 lbs.

    I recommend you doing strenght exerciess and eating all you can eat.

    and if u don’t happen to gain weight well at least you gave it a try. Good luck!

  • deidaracutie8 says:

    girl, I know how exactly how you feel, because people think it’s so nice to b lean (I say lean because I hate the word skinny) and also it’s okay to make fun of skinny but all heck breaks loose if you make fun of fat peiople. it just disgust me. I’m a black female and loooooveee anime, (naruto my fav). but anyways when i use to live in OK, there was alot of black people where i live at and out of their curvy or overweight and their consider the most beatiful, im not saying they can’t be beatiful too, but it’s like only they can be beatiful, so theirfore im not dating black guys anymore, they only care about the booty and sex and white females, no offense but this is what a black guy friend told me, they say they wanted a white female cause they’re easy. seriously, you can tell look how many BLACK GUYS and WHITE GIRLS are going out. THAT’S IT I’m getting me a white guy or some other race as long as they’re not black. anyways back to the lean people thing, I hate when people call me that too. I agreed with everything you said.

    • keenyah says:

      I second that. I live in Seattle and I have been made fun of for being skinny and still continue to get talked about. Even after two kids i still cannot seem to retain weight. I know what you mean by the black guys thing. I ways always told “oh you’re to skinny”, “You don’t have enough booty”. Its sucks!!!!!! I fear for my daughters. I hope that since they will inherit my body frame, that they find a man who cares about whats inside and not outside.

    • poeticentanglement says:

      I found your comment endearing. And wanted to tell you…all guys only care about booty! White, Black, Chinese, Japanese, Dirtyknees. And hearing that black guys say white girls are easy makes me laugh. I’m white, I’m mostly attracted to white guys (and Asian) but the occasional attractive black man crosses my path. But I cannot count the millions of times I’ve been hit on by black dudes tellin me stuff like hey baby you fine. I can feel why you’d be put off by that kind of stuff. But there are respectful dudes out there in all races. Beware. Some of them learned respectful actions just to play the game but don’t really care about you. And yeah, I agree with you. Fat and skinny comments are one and the same. They make us feel bad about ourselves by reducing who and what we are to our physical attributes. And your story about these curvy women making you feel less beautiful..I had a curvy friend like that in school..talkin herself us like she was so much more than me. I never talked like that to her. That is no friend. Haha and the funniest thing I agree with in your post is the generalizing of races for the purpose of dating. LOL I recently said I would try Mexicans next! Too afraid to go black…once you go black you don’t go back. ;)

  • Taylor says:

    I completely understand!
    Im 5’7″ and i way 99lbs!!!
    everyone calls me anorexic and my boobs are 30A

  • emily says:

    i am the same here! i feel your pain and it sucks.

  • Charmaine says:

    Hi….WHAT U SAY IS SO DAMN TRUE! I’m 12 and I’m only 33kg. I gain weight because i’m tall, not because i’m skinny. And it’s REALLY HARD FOR ME TO FLOAT ON WATER, that’s why till now i can’t swim!And yea, my sister always call me airport runway because my boobs are too small :O!

    • andrea says:

      im 12 too im going into middle school soon and im scared!!!!! everyone is already wearing these padded bras and all that and im just starting to wear a training bra!!!!!!! its hard to find the same cute clothes and skinny jeans because ether they dont fit or they just look bad. im tired of my friends being jealous even tho they are the ones with the curves and perfect looking outfits! i am so fricken depressed also because im like 5 foot and everyone else is wayyy taller

      • Renée says:

        Hi hun I know this is a bit late but if by chance you see this before high school, I just want to let you know I’ve been through the same thing. I was the shortest and thinnest girl in jr high. Over the summer before high school I grew super tall and passed most of the people who called me their “short friend.” Im still thin but I learned to embrace it. Good luck xx

      • Maria says:

        Haha. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t have anything to put in a training bra until I started highschool.

      • Pammy says:

        Try being in your late 30′ s and still needing a padded bra. At least you have grown, I still feel like I’m a teenager. :-(

      • poeticentanglement says:

        I’m in my 30′s also and still wear padding (mostly for the nips) but they also give a me a little push. ;)

        Really, now that I’m in my 30′s, though I’m still skinny and still look like a teenager, I really can say I don’t care what I look like and mean it (well, more than I used to – I do still have dignity with how I dress for special events). So many women (the grown and the still growing) and we all have our ailments. Anyone ever consider that the way we look is not meant for our viewing pleasures? Vanity can get the best of us. The people who appreciate our beauty, appreciate it naturally. Those are the ones who really do love and care about us. Like when we work so hard to get our hair just right, but we get more complements on a day we slapped it up or didn’t even so much as comb or blow dry it. I remember how self-conscious I was when I was 12…or even 26 which wasn’t that long ago. But once you transcend that realm to where you understand what lies within people and why you want the things you want and what it would mean to obtain each of those things truly…maybe that’s a little deep, but there are some young ones who’ve had things explained to them and understand, and were able to overcome these kinds of insecurities. Withstanding peer pressure. That’s my 1st challenge to those of you battling insecurities. And I do not use the word battle lightly. Those bound by them, don’t understand them and honey, they will mock you til they do but you gotta let it go to be free from this. The hardest part about this for me was having a tender heart when I was younger, and most young people do. Pain is something we steer clear of naturally, rather than facing and embracing and letting it change us. It goes back to that ancient saying: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Man can hurl insults, he can even hurt us physically, but why would he, unless who we are on the inside is a threat to him?

        So, that I have learned. Now how to deal with the hurt that’s caused when a skinny girl just tries to keep friends who are overweight but can’t seem to overcome their friends’ jealous factors when you really feel like they have more going for them in the way of beauty and personality…that is something I have yet to figure out. And this doesn’t change when you get older…but your friends do. My old friends have kids, husbands, (extra body weight, substance abuse problems)…eventually they all abandoned me because of the jealous factor. I never ever tried to steal anyone’s boyfriend..quite the opposite. I’ve always been very aware and self-conscious when it came to the way I acted and what I wore around my friends’ boyfriends. It appears I’m writing a dissertation so wrap-up: Life is hard. You can never tell what will stay and what will go: be it your shape, your friends, your home, your family…even who you are or thought you were. But try your best to let those things change you for the better and not the worse. We all go through hard times. You might be surprised when you look back, the hard times that made you a much better version of yourself than you previously were. That can work both ways. You can always strive to be the best version of yourself…for some, that’s confident, for others, that’s humble. But character should definitely define us, not appearance. And how we define others might be a direct reflection of how we define ourselves.

  • Eva says:

    OMG!!! i agree with EVERY single thing you said!
    people can be so annoying and its hard because we already feel bad about ourselves.

  • DIandra says:

    I feel the same way. This huge sloppy looking girl used to call me skinny all the time, with a disgusted look on her face, but im like, miss, who can go out and show their belly without kids running away and screaming?its annoying. people at my job be gettin at me, saying how much better i would look if i had the body of this other girl at the job. its effed up.

  • Starr says:

    Wow, we are just alike- it’s almost frightening! Difference is I weigh 93lbs, I’m 5’3ish, and wear a 34B. Now that may not sound “huge” but like you said bowling balls on a board. Lol Makes me upset to see guys like the above said, chase after these HIDEOUS females just because they got nice curves, and a big butt. They totally ignore the fact they have cellulite hugging their cottage cheese thighs, their stretch marked bellies, and rubber necks. But oh, when they see females who actually “watch” their weight, or look like models, they say “Eww, she’s too skinny”. Like we’ve got some sort of disease. Don’t they know that people fill out as they age? I guarantee all those “hippy-chicks” and gonna blow up. While we “even out” :) Or stay the same, it really doesn’t matter. I do hate that I can’t float, so they don’t understand the fact that I cannot “wave in the pool forever” like they can. For I sink, quite quickly. Like a Rock. I’m always cold, my hands don’t sweat, they freeze. All year long. Sometimes I avoid the color black just because it does in fact make you look smaller then you are. I get so aggravated that I’m Mixed with too many races to name, so I have the white girl shape, with a more so black personality. Meaning I have no butt, big boobs, long pretty curly hair, and have to shop at Mexican stores because their jeans stretch and aren’t high waters! So I can always fit their 0′s. I can’t shop at walmart, kmart, sometimes Dillard’s, macy’s, and majority of the stores at the mall. It’s all too BIG. Even JcPenny’s gives me hell. Shopping online is too risky for one, a XS is like.. a M.. and a S is like a L so… GOSH AMERICA LOOSE THE WEIGHT SO US LITTLE PEOPLE CAN FIT IN. I say they make a clothing line just for SKINNY people. Hell they got Plus Sized this stores, and Plus sized that lines. They’re just trying to please the majority, and the majority of you guys are fat. Accept that. And we’ve had enough of you complaining about how you hate us, when we should be complaining about how we hate you!

  • Erica says:


  • Bianca says:

    Interesting that you would say such rude, ignorant things like “Wanna be skinny? You’re a couch potato, exercise” is generally the same if not worse (because it comes from all directions of society) that people who make comments about your skinniness and make assumptions about how you obtain. I nearly died of heart failure at a higher weight that yours from an eating disorder so I think it’s pretty clear not everybody is able to be the same size.

  • lj says:

    omg i know! i relate to everything you said. especially the jeans. its already hard enough to find jeans that are trendy, not cheap or slutty, and affordable. its almost impossible to also find jeans that are skinny and tall enough!

  • mt says:

    I can relate to finding the perfect pair of jeans. If I do find one that fits, it’s usually too short. I wear baggy jeans all the time.

  • perfectsoup says:

    Almost a year after I have written this post, I am taking the time (finally.) to say thanks to everyone who has read it and provided insight, input, and support. I’m sorry this has been late but I am very excited everytime I get a new comment from a reader. It’s nice to know that people share the same problems as me. But we should all learn to laugh about our pains, right?

    2 anita: i eat so much. everything. im totally not picky. but it won’t work. but i do try to eat healthy because i actually believe that eating a lot of junk food will inflame my acne so… i’m starting to eat more starchy foods hoping to add more calories in the day. peanut butter and bagels.

    2 deidaracutie8: your comment made me laugh so hard. it’s really interesting what you thought of black guys because i have dated one myself and he didn’t mind me being skinny though he did tease me about it.. (:

    2 Taylor: i think that as long as you’re being healthy, you shouldn’t worry so much. if you’d like to gain more weight, there’s plenty of tips online.

    2 emily: thanks!

    2 Charmaine: Haha. One year after that blog, I still can’t swim. I wonder when i’ll ever learn. xD

    2 Eva: thanks!

    2 DIandra: Those people should be told to “shut there mouths” because it’s clear that you embrace the body you have .

    2 Starr: YOUR COMMENT MADE MY DAY. Because you touched up on most things I said. And omg, black makes me look smaller too!

    2 Erica: Insecurity is a huge factor for me, even though it has lessened since I learned to be okay with my body. It still shows up everytime some hot chick goes by and I don’t think it’ll ever go away. But most girls are like that, aren’t they?

    2 Bianca: Thanks for giving me an opposite view on my post. I wanted to write something lighthearted and funny just to laugh at my weight issues and complaints. I didn’t mean to offend anyone and yes, I do know I use a few stereotypes to contradict stereotypes. I’m sorry about your eating disorder and I know a lot of girls out there suffer from them and what a serious issue it can be, but my post was meant to prod those who don’t.

    2 lj + mt : OMG. I KNOW. and jeans that tend to fit nicely are expensive as heck. =/

    Thanks for all you guys’ comments and reading! ♥

  • Valentina says:

    haha this is so true and it feels good that there are people I can relate to im 5’1” and 36 or 37 kg ,75lbs by the way and I just feel horrible when people make fun of me for it I’ll just go along with it and laugh but that’s not how I really feel. which is kind of funny because right now I was like tearing up because of all my bad experiences and I was feeling kind of down because I haven’t had any guys complement me or tell me that Im pretty because guys don’t seem to like pretty girls and hhaha after reading this it made me feel better Thank you:)

    • difara says:

      dear, i totally feel u. im like 39kg but of smaller frame 150cm in height. but still on BMI im like 17.3 urgh! tat is so underweight. i googled around and found out that i need to gain at least another 3-4kg and it can be done within 2weeks. thinking abt having to gorge all the food down certainly makes me sick already.dang! shit happens anyway. im so jealous of all the curvy, meaty babes who aren’t that heavy nor that skinny as a stick.

    • karen says:

      hi Valentina …. m in d same case as urz …..m already 24 n i still look like a kid ….i hate it when nothing fits me properly …………….i so wanna be fat ….

  • Valentina says:

    oops meant to say guys don’t like skinny girls! Haha

    • perfectsoup says:

      It’s scary because I clearly remembered in my 9th grade English class. We were discussing the topic of models and the image of skinny and we asked guys in our class what they thought. And I think only 2/14 liked skinny girls. Other guys would just say “too skinny” and it just made me feel borrible.

  • :{D says:

    finally somone who understands! i HATE when every thing looks baggy on me when their suppose to be “painted on” and people complaining that thier clothes arnt tight enough when they clearly look normal, also the fact that being skinny makes other parts of your body look to large like feet and hands when in reality there a normal size its just the rest of me that looks bad GAH i wish people saw it in our light, btw im only 5” and 80lbs D:

    • perfectsoup says:

      I think my head looks big compared to my body. And I SWEAR my feet are huge because my ankles are tiny.. But everyone says I have the smallest feet because they’re size 6.5.. =/

  • Shawna says:

    I’m so glad I came across this post. I knew there was lots of people out there like me. I am 5’3 and I weigh about 95 pounds which sometimes fluctuates, but i’ve never weighed 100 pounds before. Am I happy about that? NO! I hate the way I look. A lot of overweight people hate me because they think I think i’m better than them. I don’t. I cannot STAND when someone says to me OMG UR SOO SKINNYYY! like wow! I never knew that until you told me that thanks! Even today while I am sitting listening to a class mate do a presentation on the media, she kindly said “I think girls should be idolizing curvy voluptuous girls, not girls who look like therye going to break into two any minute.” my eyes immediately widened and i felt like shrinking into my seat. But no one even batted an eye, however, if someone were to waltz on up there and make fun of fat people and tell them to go for a run instea of eating a cheeseburger the whole class would have a hayday including the teacher who is overweight. Another thing that sucks is that I am quiet, so alot of people think I am just a stupid skinny snob. I am so much more than that. I am not snobby I do not think I’m better than anyone. I look like a stick the only thing that i got lucky with was boobs everything else i look unhealthy and i have NO butt. I would love to be like everyone else and it drives me nuts when i see healthy looking girls complaining about their thighs or their fat arms. I would KILLLLL to have fatter arms. God i could rant forever. I eat to the point that I feel sick every day hoping I will gain a pound but it simply does not happen. I think I am going to start lifting weights so my arms wont look like noodles. I know the frustration from all those stupid people out there, dont let them get to you like I do because its ruining my LIFE!

    • Renée says:

      ugh know. on the first day of high school i was walking with a friend and these guys behind me that I didnt know were like “that girl is skinny as hell” in disgust and im 99% sure it was refering to me. Another time I tried to pull off short shorts and this girl just came up to me and was like “it’s ok, I look gross too” but then again im not completely sure if she was talking to me because she was looking at me but saying something to her friends BUT EITHER WAY BEING SKINNY SUCKS OK.

      • Charlotte says:

        Oh jeez I know exactly how you feel. I do the whole “eat till I feel sick” thing, too, and I still get people telling me to “go eat a hamburger”, “eat more”, “gain weight”, etc….
        People need to fucking THINK before they go dissing others

  • lala says:

    i know exactly how you feel. im underweight and hearing people comment about it 24/7 is just annoying! people are always like “i wish i could be skinny like you” and im just like NO YOU DON’T! its terrible! im 5’6, weight 104 pounds and i have big boobs! it looks weird. i just want to gain weight for once and i want to be able to wear shorts without having chicken legs! its just depressing to me and i hate it =[

  • linzie says:

    Finally some people who understand!!! Bigger girls tend to think that skinny girls get all the guys when in reality guys think we look sickly. It also drives me insane to see all these commercials on how to loose weight. You see these women in the before pictures who look just fine, they are well balanced and proportioned already. Another thing I can’t understand is why people feel the pressure to be skinny though Hollywood because it seems to me that whenever there is a picture in the tabloids with Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan being thin the press is making fun of them, not praising them. It also drives me nuts when I go shopping for clothes because whenever I pick up an xs top or size 0 pants they normally aren’t really that size. I for one would love to shop somewhere other than Aeropostal. That’s the other thing why do they have to put Aeropostal in huge letters across every top. I seem like I’m an Aeropostal freak but they have the only tops that will fit me right. Another thing is that I actually like to exercise but I’m afraid that if I go out in public to run people really will think that I’m anorexic and an exercise nut, when in reality most of the time I’m just sitting on the couch and being lazy and eating junk all day. God I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard “You need to eat something” from complete strangers. I laugh about it but really I feel like crap when someone says that. I mean what if I were to say to a bigger person “You need to stop eating so much” imagine what kind of an uproar that would be. Also when ever I’m waiting in line or something I can sense people staring at me ether in disgust (from the guys) or jealousy (from the girls). By the way I’m 5’5″, 100 lbs, 20 years old, and totally flat all the way around. *Sigh* any way I’m glad I’ve found a place where I can rant and people will understand. But really I think no matter what size you are you’re still going to feel bad about yourself if you care about what other people think. Instead learn to love yourself and other people will too. I know I’m still struggling with that part.

  • lexi_14xSSF4 says:

    i feel your paaaain !
    Jean’s a really hard to find !
    I usually get mine at
    American Eagle because their clothes
    tend to be smaller (:

    I hate it when people say things like
    ‘OMG your so freakn skinny ! Eat something !’

    • perfectsoup says:

      This comment made me laugh because i JUST bought two pairs of AE jeans that same day you wrote this. xD

    • andrea says:

      whenever someone says omg do u eat anything???!?!??! my friends always say oh yea she eats more than enough! whenever that happens it makes me feel better because my friends support me even tho they will never understand

  • lala says:

    i absolutely HATE being skiinny. people are so mean sometimes and they will call me anorexic, bulimic and its hurtful. people don’t understand what we go through on a daily basis. and whenever i try to talk about this to other people theyre always like “stop complaining about being SKINNY! its a good thing!”

  • pshore77 says:

    Hey Lady. Your article really made me smile. It pretty much sums up what’s going on with me at the mo and having to make others believe that i am naturally slim.
    You inspired me.
    Hope you are well and enjoying life to the max.
    Pam x

  • tryingtohelp says:

    embrace your figure, even if its hard! :D

  • Nikki says:

    woowwww.. i just typed i hate ebing skinny into google lmao and i found this. i am 16, 5′ 8″ tall and i weigh 110… i hateed being so skinny for my whole life and i still have my moments but you know when all of us get to like age 20 we are going to be smokinnn hot and all those cute curvy girls are going to be carrying around screaming babies and gaining more and more weight… you may not be able to embrace your thinness now but later it will help ya outtt… so would you rather be “normal” looking in high school when it doesnt matter or hot for the rest of your life when it does?

    • That was very inspiring! I like the way you think! I’m 14 yrs old, 70 pounds (5st) and about 5’2. I hate my skinny legs and…all my body, really. I have braces too, so its pretty hard. When i get them off i think i will feel a bit better, and hopefully i will gain weight soon, but my friend said that you gain weight when you start your period, and i haven’t yet so…maybe i will?! Thanks anyway for this comment, it put a smile on my face :) !

  • pshore77 says:

    lol thats a good one i see what you are saying is certainly true. But im in my 30′s now, not had children so my weight is the same as when i was at school. So i’m finding it a little hard to believe i will ever put on weight.
    I know girls are gonna be jealous of me, to be honestly they’ve nothing to be jealous about. atleast they look like they have grown up and developed, unlike me an adult with a child like body.

  • beachgirl says:

    haha thats really helpful and encouraging thank you! im in highschool now and i have a boyfriend but all of his friends judge me because im super skinny and they just think im gross. i hate it because im actually a really nice person but people just dont get to know me. i just want to gain at least 10 pounds before school starts again!

    • perfectsoup says:

      your boyfriend should talk to his friends then because your boyfriend likes you so they shouldn’t be judging.

  • pshore77 says:

    Hey nikki, im sorry girl if you didnt like my comment, you do sound really lovely and im sure you’re bf loves you just as you are. His mates are just jealous of him!
    Anyway as for me, i’ve just not grown to love myself, so dont take what i say as if its what you will be like, we are all different, and it sounds like you’ll be fine.
    Keep smiling :o) x

  • hannah says:

    thank you so much for this article! It totally sums up how I feel too!! It’s so annoying when bigger girls complain and are always going on about ‘skinny girls get all the guys, they never like us, i’m so fat’ blah blah blah, when actually all of my curvy friends get checked out and I get completely ignored or often told to go and eat something, when in reality I eat more than most of my friends combined!! I’m 17, I’m 5’2.5 and I’m only 95 lbs, and it seems that however much I eat I either stay the same weight or lose more?! The hell, it sucks monkey balls. I do exercise and have some muscle as an XC runner, but when I’m in the gym people look at me like ‘OMG, SRSLY’ and once there were these two women who looked to be in their 30s or 40s, blatantly gossiping to each other how skinny and sick-looking I am. That’s just mean! They wouldn’t like it if I commented on their weight in the middle of the changing rooms. It’s genetic, unfortunately – my mom was only 7.5 stone when she gave birth to me at 30. I am helpless =[
    Oh and I totally feel your pain about shopping. I can’t get clothes at any normal stores because their clothes aren’t small enough, or in really stupid sizes or in KIDS sizes. Like I try on a top and it fits my waist but lies flat and droopy on my chest and is all loose (I also have no boobage, 30/32 A, and thats pushing it, I can fit AA quite easily) so I then go to shops like American Eagle or Abercrombie (rarely, their demi-gods of shop assistants scrutinising me makes me feel bad) only to discover that all my sizes there are ALSO gone because other skinny girls in my situation have flooded it in desperation and bought them all out. Suckish.
    However, after all that moaning, rather that than viciously overweight

    • perfectsoup says:

      shopping is DEFINATELY at american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, or aeropostale. but i was absolutely devestated to see that a pair of size 0 jeans at american eagle didn’t fit me at the waist.

      i’m absolutely jealous that you’re a XC runner. i love to run too but i’m more of the jogging-in-the-morning type. and my curvy friends ALWAYS get checked out before me. i feel ugly next to them and end up hiding or something. i’m about an A cup too but when my period comes up, my boobs grow a bit [it's sad. i look forward to it sometimes just because of that fact.] and it’s true. my size tends to run out too!

      it really seems like you’re extremely in great shape. forget those 30-40 year olds. they’re just jealous.

  • Kristina says:

    Finally some people who understand what its like to be in the skinny minority. I’m 20 but i look like I’m about 14. I hate it. Everywhere I go I feel like people are staring at me. I’m 5’2 and 87lbs. It’s not like I try to be skinny. I eat and eat but have nothing to show for it but a stomach ache. I hardly do anything for fear of losing any weight I might have gained. For example, I have no car so I figured the bus would be an okay way to get to university but it’s half a mile away. I have gotten up to 95lbs before but lost it cause it was so hard to maintain. Even then, I felt like it wasn’t good enough. Buying clothing is hell. I have a big butt but not much thighs so it’s hard to find things that fit properly. I hate how eveywhere i look people put down skinny people. I swear the next time some heavy person asks me if I eat i’m going to give them a taste of their own medicine. Sure, i might get my ass kicked but I’ll feel better knowing that maybe they understand what it feels like to have strangers tell you that don’t look right. Anyway sorry for the rant. I just sympathize with all of you.

  • sandra says:

    hey guys!! im glad im not alone. well i think most of youz r 4rm like da US init. trus me london is jus as bad im 4rm east london n its mad ova ere ppl watch u like cctv 24/7 if u aint got da arse big chest nice hips den u got sum kind of eating problem and da boys dan ere r so up der arse if u aint got meat den ur ill and got nuttin 2 grab n stupid shit like dat im 20 wid a lil 1 1/2 year old n ppl thought i was starving myself wen i was pregnant obviously NOT it really makes me sad feeling like i dnt fit in coz im “SKINNY”i think ppl over exagerate wid it doe. n im glad i found a bunch of chicks da feel da same. i mostly stay in, in da summer so i can avoid wearin shorts that will show my twig legs i wish ppl will stop talking bout us like were dust we having feelings and it hurts 2 hear ppl debating bout skinny girls.. WE ARE HERE U KNO WE CAN HEAR U!!! i can talk bout dis all day lol!!! i wish der was sum kinda method that will help me gain weight.



    • perfectsoup says:

      thanks for the jeans recommendations [:
      we mainly have those chain stores like american eagle, hollister, and aeropostale where they cater to really skinny girls like us. but it’s really weird to see a 12 year old girl buy size 2 short jeans when you’re buying size 0 regular jeans because you notice that her waist is bigger than yours..

  • chetan says:

    I am a skinny guy and i feel the same.
    The first 8 reasons match exactly with mine.
    The sick dialogues everywhere.. and the diet plan which they suggest.. huh. I have my own plan consuming 3000 to 5000 calories.. and some ask to goto gym..
    i’m also shy for that., instead do it in my room.
    I’m thin, but I believe in my power. I’m ready for a fight.
    but people say, the looks also matters.. huh.. what do i do.. i eat, exercise but i wont grow. sometimes i lose my confidence.. i prevent walking down the streets, partys, friends, ….
    this life sucks.. i hate this the most.

    • perfectsoup says:

      i love skinny guys! [=
      friends are the best because no matter how much they tease you, you know they’re there for you. just go out with a who-gives-a-damn attitude and have fun. no need to hide.

  • leslie says:

    listen, this may be difficult but there are far worse things that can be happening to you than just being skinny. at least you have your health. i know its hard being skinny because im skinny too, but come on.. its not the worst thing that can be happening to you

    • perfectsoup says:

      i agree with you. yes, it’s not the worst because there are also girls that are unhealthily skinny and constantly on the watch for the pounds. i can’t talk for those girls because i have no idea what they’re going through. but there are many girls out there that are skinny and healthy. we just hate being judged before we have a chance to tell people we are.

  • difara says:

    gosh. i’m a petite 4’11″ and a mere 85lbs! or 150cm at 39kg. i used to weigh a healthy between 45-46kg few yrs back. but perhaps due to depression i lost gradually all my weight. this is so horrible and adding salt to the wound, my boyfriend criticized calling me rude names like wooden stick or bones. he don’t find me sexually attractive anymore. ARGH!!!! HELLPPP!!! since i’m so depressed it is DAMN hard to get a real good appetite because as all knows we need cheery mood to eat. not when ur at the LOWEST state of your life. oh man… :((

    • perfectsoup says:

      boyfriend = should be dumped. i do not tolerate being abused (whether physically or in your case, mentally). go out and hang around with people you’re comfortable with. friends, family. people that won’t bring you down and that will, instead, make you feel better about yourself or encourage you to feel better. they’re the ones that will help. not some a**hole that criticizes you.

  • kay says:

    I thought I was the only one with this problem. I get so mad when I hear people call me skinny, if I have a salad..oh your on a diet…no I’m not, I’m running they think I’m maintaining my weight.

    I find myself over eatting, when I walk to much or do exerices I panic and think..I just lost all the food I ate today…but I’m please to say I love my body…yes sometimes I wish I can get 10-15 pds more…but it will be hard. I’m 24 5’5′ weight 122.

    ppl think I’m trying to be a model when I’m not.

    great rant.
    God bless

    • perfectsoup says:

      i think the overall tone is that i’d be great with a few more pounds on my body but i’m fine with the way i am now ….i’ve accepted it and learned to embrace my body.

      • Jen says:

        I agree with everyone. I”m 24 5’3 and approx 90 lbs. I hate my body and would love to gain weight and curves! i wanted to know how you accepted your body?

      • andrea says:

        yea it makes me sad to know that im the only one at my school who admits they are skinny. when i told my friend she was just as skinny as me(after she had been criticizing me) she said NO IM NOT and she walked away like i had just insulted her when she had been saying oh your soooo skinny andrea!

  • jesss says:

    im underweight and i have a boyfriend but all of his friends call him “shallow hal” (the movie) because they have no idea what he sees in me. when he told me i didnt want to show it but i was really upset. idk what todo. i eat a lot but it doesnt show.

    • perfectsoup says:

      well, clearly he sees someting beautiful and lovely in you because he’s with you! & it seems as if you should reevaluate your friends because what the hell do they mean “they have no idea what he sees in you”? if they’re your FRIENDS, then they should know what he sees in you instead saying things like that. and if they’re your friends, they should be happy for you [:

      cheer up.

  • jesss says:

    thank yu ! that helped a lot. and i know i shouldnt really care what other people think of me before they know me, especially when theyre HIS friends and not mine, but its just hard hearing mean names. ive been trying soo hard lately to gain weight and nothings working. i think i might try some vitamins from a nutrition store. any advice?

  • emma says:

    i agree with everything you have said on here! i too am a tiny girl, and have faced these exact problems. WOO! hooray for skinny!!! :D

  • polly says:

    i wouldnt mind being skinny as much if my veins in my legs didnt show. its not hereditary because my sisters and my moms dont show. i believe its because im so skinny that im always cold and my veins always show, its annoying and thats why i hate wearing skirts and shorts. maybe if my legs were just normal i wouldnt mind being skiiny! =[

  • Leena says:

    oh-my-qod mann .
    I deff feel your pain.
    I’m 13, 5’4, and i weiqh 80 pounds.

    ..I hate the way i feel ; especially when i’m compared to my
    beautiful, thick friends -_-

    oh; let’s not mention aqain how hard it is to find Pants in our size.

    I absolutley hate it .

    No matter how much i eat; i never qain weiqht.

    The jokes that people make about it ?
    yea, they’re ridiculous .

    Anyway; i love how you put all of this in to the perfect words.

  • Christine says:

    i totally have the same problems. I’m 16 years old, 5’9″ 118lbs and wear a 32A bra. I used to hate having small breasts, no butt and not-so-curvy hips, but i’ve recently come to realize that the media is stupid. now I love my thin body (most of the time). nobody has the right to tell you how to eat or life your life. and if your worried about looking pretty, there’s a guy out there for everyone. just like some guys like heavier girls, there are guys who like thinner girls. besides, if he loves you as a person then he should find you attractive no matter how you look. (speaking from experience – I have a great boyfriend who loves me the way i am.)

  • Nameless says:

    Totally understand!!! Everything is so true!!!

  • Bekah says:

    This is perfect! I feel the same way! I’m 5’7 and only 114 lbs! I hate it!

  • Bekah says:

    p.s-I also wear a 34 A bra and have barely any hips and a small butt! Good times…lol

  • leanna says:

    ok every1 is sayin ino wat ur mean and ur probz sik of hearin et but same ea im sik of it 2 haha im 13 in a 30b bra and i weigh bout 6 and half stone and no matta wat i do i cnt put on weight its 2 hard but im seeing a dietrition so thats ok i suppose lol

  • Shavon says:

    OMG!!!! I sooo agree with you. I am 5’4 and weigh 86…at least ur in the eighties/ninties. I am always the skinniest out of my smaller friends…its a pain. I want to be at least 115 pds. ugh and looking like a stick in everything isnt cool either…ugh…Nice for you to let the people what we really feel :)

  • deidaracutie8 says:

    Wow I haven’t comment here in a long time. I’m still thin though, how r u doing?

  • tipi says:

    its feels gr8 to see dat dere are similar ppl sharing similar thoughts…….i mean i m frm india and ppl here really like d “healthy” figure types,its really hard u knw frm being made fun of to d concerned rants i get frm ppl who really r actually not all dat concerned….and d fact dat every odr day d newspapr or magazine comes up with an article on how harmful it is to b thinny and also polls showin how men want deir women with some meat on them all jst to mak d majority happy,gets on ur nerve….and d main thing is i really dont hate m body,but it seems world in general is hell bent on makin m hate it.

  • Stephanie says:

    It’s so comforting to go on the internet and find loads of people like me! I’m 16, nearly 5″7 and weigh 100 lbs. I have all these bones that stick out. Plus because I’m fairly tall (and a head taller than all my friends) I look like a stick with no shape or curves whatsoever. It’s horrible!

  • Kimberly says:

    I’m glad to know there are other people like me out there, I really hate being skinny or constantly being told how skinny I am and how I should eat. I’m 18, 5’2” and weigh 90 something lbs. I felt like I’ve lost some weight which makes me feel even worse. I was on a trip this weekend and there was a pool and I wasn’t looking forward to putting on my bathing suit because I was so much smaller than all the other girls. I get annoyed when all I hear is that I need to eat and they say it like they feel so bad for me. But I eat so much, I stuff my face and I don’t gain a pound. I even had a women tell me that if I kept going at this rate I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids because of my weight. Wow how does that make me feel? uhh HORRIBLE there are so many people that just don’t understand

  • Chloe says:

    I’m naturally thin… I wouldn’t say I look anorexic, but I’m definately very thin looking. Sometimes it’s just build. I’m 5’6″ and I’m a “perfect” size 8 but sometimes body fat and bone density/size means that one size 8 girl may look different to another. A girl next to me may look petit and curvy as an 8 but I look more like Jack Skellington.

    I certainly don’t enjoy being this way, I’ve resorted to styling myself in “pixie” kinds of fashion as its the only way to flatter my shape (or lack thereof haha!)…
    As for how much people weigh… too much emphasis! WAY too much emphasis!
    I weigh over 9 and a half stone (havent got a CLUE what that is in pounds), don’t believe me? Well if you saw me you would laugh. Everybody laughs when I tell them my weight. Until I prove it.

    I have a strong bone structure and and virtually no fat on my body…What people see is mostly muscle… which brings me on to LIFESTYLE.
    YES! Get out and excercise! But eat well! I find that I have to specifically eat very high carb/fatty foods ect simply to maintain a healthy weight/BMI. I’m a martial artist and have a high metabolism so I’ve ended up driving EVERYWHERE just to get LESS exercise.

    This is just sounding a bit insane, even to me really, as I’m writing it. Certainly helps to let it all out though.
    I’ve been disgusted with my body for years and right now all I can say is that I’m very lucky. I’ve found myself with a guy who also does martial arts and is a very similar build and it’s made me happy to be what I am and accept myself. I’d love a teeny tiny waist and nice hips and a big bust but that won’t happen.
    Cliche as hell, but I am who I am and it’s about time I learnt to be happy about it. So should every female. F*** the media.

  • Stacy says:

    I’m 37 and have always been very thin. Right now I’m 107 and 5’6. It’s funny to hear your reactions because they are the same as mine! I swear people decide to dislike me upon meeting me just because of my weight and they’re jealousies. I eat anything I want, whenever I want and if I miss a meal or do a little excercise, I lose weight. I’ve actually tried eating an extra amount for a week before I start an exercise program hoping that will help maintain my weight. You know, kinda build it up.
    Well, I wanted to let you know that you will eventually “even out”. Once you get into your 30′s or so and your metabolism slows down, a little. You’ll fill out a little and get to enjoy a little of both worlds, thin and a little curvy, you’ll actually get to keep your boobs, although they may still be a little small. But hey, at least they’re there, huh? I also wanted to let you know that yes, there is life after 30! And it’s usually better than life before 30! You may think it’s a pain to be thin, and it is in some ways, but just wait until your a little older. Your thinness will be a nice thing when you’re older and still have the body of a sixteen yr old!
    I think in some ways, our life trials have something to teach us. We’re what everyone wants to be, they feel that if they were thin thier lives would be perfect and yet we already know that that’s not true. We have the same problems as everyone else and that sometimes, getting what you want or being this way or that way really doesn’t change anything. The grass isn’t always greener.

  • Stacy says:

    oh, I almost forgot. There is a prescription that helps you gain weight. I don’t know anything about it but you could talk to your doctor about it and see if it’s something they are willing to prescribe. I don’t know if there are any health risks involved or if they prescribe to young adults that are still growing, etc.

  • Lacy says:

    I completely agree! I seriously hate my weight.
    I wish there was like some type of method for US to gain weight instead of losing it.
    Finding jeans is soooo Hard to do because none of them actually feel right on me.
    Their either TOO tight OR TOO Lose.
    I hate my body image. :P

  • sandy says:

    Want to gain weight? Find some chicken pills.
    God, you’d think we hate on you because you’re skinny. We hate on you because you hate on big girls so much. We got plus-size-this-and-that because its hard going into a store to find clothes that fit us. The looks you’ll get from staff..they look at you, as if saying “you walked into this store expecting to find something your size?”
    Don’t worry, am sure someone somewhere is coming up with an idea for skinny people’s clothes. Either way, we’re both at a loss. You hate being skinny, we hate being fat. People pick on you for being skinny, people pick on us for being fat. Like someone said, this world sucks. People suck. Just learn to shut them out. Works for me.

    • cmichelle says:

      Whoa, Sandy, in all my years of living I have NEVER made fun of someone for being fat. Never. Are you seriously justifying big girls making fun of me because skinny girls make fun of them? I don’t think I deserved any of what I received. And I have been given that look when I walk in a store for being too skinny. I have been told many times by random people that I needed to eat more because I am 108 lbs and 5’8. Please understand that skinny people get made of without having to provoke a bigger person. I have spent too many years being teased and it always comes down to I deserve it because I am skinny and skinny people make fun of fat people. And clearly, you are another one of those girls.

    • Bethany says:

      I agree with cmichelle, been made fun of for being skinny all my life and so for you to say “we hate on you because you hate on big girls” is the reason I got picked on? Is that really justified? I’ve NEVER made fun of anyone for being big, I feel for anyone who gets bullied for anything, so I think what you’re saying is very insensitive and unfair.

  • Midori says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING you said! I was going to make my own list, but I found yours and it took the words right out of my mouth! :) lol I am actually getting so tired of being skinny I am making a goal to gain weight. I started a blog about it a few days ago called Pencil Frame (http://pencilframe.blogspot.com). Please visit and if anyone wants to join me in the challenge please do! Support is greatly appreciated. <3

  • andrea says:

    i have read some stories that models wrote. they all said they where WAYYYY to skinny when they where young and now. Lots of people wish they where skinny and i really hate it but my dad is tall and i am sorta of so if u see me on americas next top model or if you see me on the runways you know i started out here. ;)

  • Alaina says:

    OMG I feel the EXACT same way!!!

  • Lady Jay says:

    I totally agree with all of u. im 18 @ 85 lbs. @ 5′ 1″. im from albany/bethlehem area and the girls up here have mad nice bodies and shit. and the guys dont like skinny girls. well 98% of them dont. My bf lives downstate near yonkers and he says that im perfectly fine but the minute he sees another girl with a nice rack or a nice ass he starts biting his lips and is daaaaaammmmm and im sick of it. im tryna gain weight to make not only myself happy but every one else happy bc im tired of hearing “omg ur so skinny” “u dont eat” “toothpicks are bigger than u” (really? thats not even possible but what ever) i eat alot. no lie. i go to mcdonalds subway KFC etc etc and get the biggest thing on the menu eat the whole thing and dont gain any thing. my doctors tell me that im fine. really? bc i dnt feel fine!! i hate seeing and feeling my ribs and bones. to me its nasty. it hurts to hear ppl say to me “what size jeans do u take? a double 0?” and then laugh about it. really? seriously? just bc ur not skinny dont mean u can make fun of ppl who are. its gotten to the point where i have gotten depressed. like i dont wanna go any where i lose my appitite some times. when i see girls bigger than me, the first thing that comes to mind is “dam i wish i could look like that” the minute i say ant thing to some of my friends or any of my family they look at me and say “well its never gonna happen” or “your never gonna gain any wieght” and thats the shit that hurts and gets me mad and upset. im tired of hearing “just eat more” over and over again. do u not no how much food i eat??

  • varsha halai says:

    I hate being so skinny too.
    I’m a tall girl which makes it so much more worse, I hate my scrawny neck and i could never have my hair up.
    I just hate my body so much.
    I eat heaps, i’m known for it with my friends and am always finishing off everybodies food. But it really hurts when someone who doesn’t know me says i look so skinny, i really can’t help it, i try so hard.
    It’s been so bad when i was younger i’d scoff so much i felt as if i would throw up, i even did a few times but thank goodness i’m over that.

    I feel your pain, :-(

  • Christine says:

    I’m 17 i weigh 87lbs,i’m 5’3 and i’m a size 32b.I have a boyfriend but i’m always making excuses to go out with him because of how skinny i am….i look horrible,i eat lots!it doesnt help me gain weight!ugh! i suffer from depression bcoz of my weight…almost anyone sees me tell me i am pretty just like that n im thankful for that but i still dont feel comfortable in my own skin.i tried everything and i just cant seem to gai weight….i feel like killing myself….my bf tell me he doesnt mind im skinny but i still dont feel confident about myself bcoz he cud just say that to make me feel good.i’m always crying and hardly ever go out bcoz of how skinny i look…im hopeless i just dont know what to do anymore….i feel embarrassed to go out anywhere………i wish i could gain weight right now!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhh!

  • Christine says:

    i just always want to be by myself all the time and its hard for me to do that bcoz i have a bf and i dont think i even want to go my prom next year bcoz im not gaining weight at all and its scary i will ovbiously feel uncomfotable to go looking like a stick in a dress :( *cries*

  • Ellen says:

    omgawsh i feel your pain.
    i’m 86 pounds and i’m 5’5”.
    I can agree with you on ALL of those 10 things.
    well except #8. I can swim okay.
    i’m glad i’m not the only one suffering like this though.

  • Annie says:

    I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!!!!! I am 5″8 and weigh just under 8 stone. I hate that I can’t wear skirts,shorts,dresses or really tight jeans. I hate the comments I get when I walk down the street or the sniggering. So unfair..even went to the doctor and they were kind of like why are you here(?) , everyone wants to be skinny and its like NO REALLY THEY DONT! :’(

    • ann says:

      I totally get where you’re coming from! when I wear shorts in school (which I almost never do) I hear people talking about me And how awkward looking I am. I’m 5’11” and about 116lbs and only 32a bra :(

  • Emily E. says:

    this website really made me feel better about he way i look. ive had it all. the insults and the mean comments from the fat girls are just downright degrading! when i was littler, i was much much thinner. it runs in the family. for example, my little brother is in the 15th percentile for weight, but the 80th percentile for height. i am EXTREMELY. lucky that my curves have started to come in!!! i am.14, 5’7″ and my weight fluxuates between 103lbs and 109lbs. i am able to gain muscle but only on my abs. i have slight hips, but my breasts look slightly awkward because they are almost a B-cup (and growing.) i do get checked out a LOT by old men, which is extremely creepy, but when my moher gives them the stink eye, they back off. if i keep growing at this rate, i should be able to model once i get my braces off. i know i dont have it nearly as bad as others now, but trust me, a year or two ago i was in misery. thank youball so much. birds of a feather flock together!

  • Maya says:

    Uahh someone who is like me. I am 17 years old, I believe 94 pounds and urgh super thin. I have been thin basically my whole life due to metabolic rate and I have been ok with it up until recently because so many people have commeted on it (and I live in Texas so that makes matters worse). I eat like a pig according to my friends but I can never gain the weight D: and i am scarde of excercising because I don’t want to love any weight gained. I can’t evenn tell if my breasts are growing anymore x3x (32A)
    One problem I agree with is trying on clothes. I fi wear skirts my legs look like sticks and if I wear sleeveless or tanktops my arms are sticks. I am so self conceince by now that if someone comments on how thin I look in something, I never wear it again.
    And I hate how people think I am anorexic, I mean anorexic people are really frail, weak, and very sick looking and i am non of that. I at least have some curves but I want to be fatter.

  • Whittaker says:

    This isnt limited to women, I’m a guy 5’8″ 120+, women are jealous of other skinny women, I just get made fun of being skinny all around, women certainly dont woman a man skinner than them and guys have easy pickings for picking on me. So I feel your pain for the most part, except for #10. lol

  • keisha pereira says:

    im also 12 and i only wiegh 33kg.my whole family is bugging me about being so skinny……at school i get teased.i do have boobs but i eat alot but i never gain more than 1kg!!!!!i am scared that i will stay like this forever

  • keisha pereira says:

    im in yr 7 and all my friends are way curvier and prettier and they all get the cute guys.i am soo jealous.they all look awsome in bikinis and small skirts.im not ugly in bikinis but im not as pretty as them and they have lovely hips.this sucks!!!

  • someone says:

    I just googled “i hate being skinny” and this came up. I completely agree with this. Im 5’4 or 5’5 and i weigh somewhere between 100 and 105. If i were to add another thing to this it would be about how i hate like Im the reason beautiful, healthy girls think theyre fat. I know its kinda vain to think i actually have impact on people but i hate being part of the problem.

  • Kharizma says:


  • Aaliyah says:

    oh my gosh u r so right!! lol im 5’4 and 86 pounds!! i really hate being skinny, i just wish i can put on some skinny jeans and feel happy ;(. but i just hate everything u just said. especially the part bout being small everywhere! and everyone telling me i gotta eat, im a beast when it comes to eating :p i going to puberty still, i got some boobs, and they take away attetion from the rest so its alright, but its like un proportionment :( well thanks! cuz im not alone.

  • Margeritte says:

    I hate being skinny at times too. Im 5’8 and 120 pounds. Its hard to find jeans that are long like you said Im a size three but everyone thinks Im a zero. Everyone also think I only weigh a hundred pounds and say “you should eat more”, “you don’t have a ass”, “your so skinny” etc. Sometimes I feel like talking about them but you can’t because everyone would go against you. I have a friend who 179 pounds and she always picks on me for being skinny. Not to be mean but how can she compare herself to me.
    And also, “men don’t like stick-thin girls”, “real women have curves” etc. drives me insane.
    I can’t help it that Im thin I have tried eating more, and you know what happens… I end up pooping; the highest weight Ive ever been is 123 pounds but i keep excreating lol
    I try to put on weight and check my status daily. I try so hard and get depressed and now Im online looking it up and talking to you people.
    At least i never had a eating disorder:)

  • teraangelleeeee says:

    okayy,, i kno this post is lik REAALY late , but im 13 and i only weigh 92.5 pounds, and whenever i gain weight, i loose it in a matter of minutes.. for some reason. and i dont run , becuz im trying to keep my weight up but i just cant:(. im sick of the commercials about loosing weight, but there should also be commercials about trying to gain weight for skinny people that wanna gain. i mean its not fair that people can call me skinny and toothpick and aneroxic and i need to eat WICH I DO ! i just wish i can just say WELL U NEED TO STFUU CUZ UR FAT AND U NEED TO STOP EATING but if i do that, they will just go home and cry. lik rlly why do ppl think its okay to tell underweigh people watever the hell they want?! IM SICK AND TIRED OF IT! im also 5’0 in height but i kinda lik it. oh yeah and extremely HUGE boobs run in my family but im only in a 34 B wich sucks cuz everyone else has biiger boobs then me. but my bf doesnt really have a problem with my boobs. but other guys at school are like u have no boobs or an ass, i just wana go off on themm

  • Claire says:

    Oh my god. Your post describes EVERYTHING I go through! I didn’t think that there was anyone out there like me, and I’m soooo glad I found this! I’m 5’5 and I weigh 93-98 pounds. I’m actually fine with how I look, but I’ve definitely had my moments. There have been time when I’ve wanted to break down crying in public because of all the rude comments I get. On a surprisingly regular basis, complete strangers come up to me to put in their opinion about the way I look. It’s none of their freaking business how much I weigh or eat. No one can even begin to comprehend the shit us slimmer girls go through EVERY. DAY. So many times I’ve been told to go eat something. People tell me they hate me because I’m thin. To be candid, judging someone you don’t even know based on their weight is just as bad as judging someone by the color of their skin. My looks do not define me. I am willing to be friends with anyone that will give me the chance. But there are people who don’t like me because I’m a “skinny, anorexic bitch.” I have been asked by people I hardly know if I have an eating disorder. I HAVE A HIGH METABOLISM. Ever heard of it? I eat soooo much! I eat through all my classes and sometimes buy an extra lunch in the cafeteria. My friends are always complaining about how they wish they could loose 5 lbs or how their new dress shows too much cleavage. What they don’t understand is that I would KILL to be at least 100 pounds or wear bigger than a damn 32A! I would never comment on someone’s weight, whether it’s too much or too little. And honestly there’s no such thing as the wrong weight. Everybody’s different and it’s not my place to discriminate someone based on something they can’t change themselves. I just wish people would understand that no one wants comments on their body, even if they are aimed as complements. I’ve tried to tell my friends about this but the just shrug it off telling me I’m lucky to be so skinny. I hate the word skinny. I’d much prefer to be called thin or slender or better yet, nothing at all! Being called skinny hurts just as much as being called fat. Thanks you all for listening to me rant :) Hope you’ve all found it you to accept and love the way you look. xoxo

  • Claire says:

    I’m also a cross country runner and it’s so hard because I love to run but it burns so many calories it can be unhealthy for someone as thin as I am!

  • Lily says:

    Girl, I totally understand! I’m 5’0″ and I weight 90 lbs. Drives me crazy when people tell me to “eat more” and that they’re “worried.” It’s like…I eat 3 meals a day. Do you? No. Didn’t think so. I would like to also point out that whenever I go to the doctor, they never, ever comment on my weight. I’m perfectly healthy!

    So frustrating. IT’S OKAY TO BE SKINNY. We put far too much emphasis on weight.

  • #1 makes you should like a total a-hole.

  • Ashley says:

    I hate my body im 16 5’2 and i weigh 85 pounds! I eat like an animal but i still dnt gain weight my mom was also skinny aftet she had my lil brother she still was 110 pounds not until she had my sister did she begin to gain weight..my bra size is 36 B and i have no butt D: my legs are sticks and so are my arms i hate them..i sometimes cry cuz i get overwhelmed that i cnt gain weight idk what to do :/

  • monica says:

    wow im so glad i found this. i just googled i hate being skinny to either find other people like me or find ways to get fatter and i found this! i agree with everything on this!!! i’m 5’2 and 96 pounds and 15. hopefully i gain weight..when/if i reach 100 i swear i’m having a party or something!! i just hate being skinny. i’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror judging myself and saying where i’d look better if there was more fat on me. i cant wear strapless shirts because i swear my shoulders make harsh 90 degree angles and i just feel so ugly! i’m black so im expected to have a booty but i deffinetely dont. guys have turned me down JUST because i have no ass or boobs. they say “you ain’t got nothinnn”…WELL GEE THANKS DUDE! jeans are so hard to find, i literally pick up 0s in stores and just know theyll be too big for me so i dont even bother trying them on. i feel self conscious in bathing suits. ive just been so underestimated and summers coming up-cant wait to go shorts shopping..NOT. shorts are probably the hardest thing to find, i had to settle on abercrombie shorts because i’m too small for everythingelse. its so great to just be able to complain about this stuff with fellow skinny people! i relate to you guys so much..i really wish they’d make that skinny people clothing line though!!

  • kate_5 says:

    I hate being skinny too. once i was wearing a skirt to town and this gang of girls started laughing and pointing at my legs and whispering”is she anorexic or what?!!?” it made me so angry!! Im 5 9″ so i look even lankier! i love summer but i hate showing off my legs i try to avoid it now :(

  • Rachel says:

    You shouldn’t be self-conscious about your weight! You’re lucky that you’re skinny. I’m overweight and I would give anything to be skinny, but no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight. I’m 5’6” and I weigh 185 lbs. I’m 16 by the way… Either way, I’m sure that you’re beautiful! If anyone calls you anorexic, they’re just jealous.

  • peachesoffury says:

    OMG! i agree with every single one of u! i’m 13 and im going to 8th grade in a few month and i absolutely HATE HATE HATE being skinny D:
    i only weigh 70 ibs and it sukz cuz everyone at school makes fun of me. i’m going to high school in the summer of next year and i look soooooo tiny! not only am i skinny but IM SHORT! some lady mistaked me for a seven year old! *whimper* everybody makes fun of me and knocks me on the ground because they know i’m light and easy to push. they make jokes about me and are always telling me to eat more. WTH??? i eat my ass off just to gain weight but NOTHING happens. my boobs also suck A LOT. its so hard 2 bear with my friends that have super duper cleavage and i have 2 mosquito bites that fit in AA cup bras (im praying for my boobs to grow bigger. doesnt matter if its an A cup it is STILL better than AA) yeah and my 9 yr old sister calls me skinny ass. my mom calls me a bag of bones and its depressing. sometimes they think my sister is the older one because she weighs more AND she’s a little taller than me. I HATE BEING SKINNY! being skinny suckz bad ass time. in fact, they should put magazine articles on how to gain weight…. NOT LOOSE IT!!

  • S.M. says:

    I know how it feels. I’m 13, 5 foot 3, and barely 80 pounds. Seriously, I get the whole ‘anorexic’ thing alot. From all different people, too! What also makes me feel kind of bad is that in 8th grade, we did our height and weight at my school. I tried to keep as quiet about it as possible, but I still got the typical remarks about how ‘thin I am’. It’s also annoying when, as mentioned above, people are envious that you ‘are so skinny’. I mean, what I wouldn’t give to actually be somewhat curvy. Ah well, I have to be happy with what I have.

  • diamond says:

    i agree as well im 16 5’3 and weigh 90 punds ;( all i hear how skinny i am im tired of it idk what to do anymore..

  • OMG!!! I TOTALLY FEEL YOU!!! I am 18 years old and weigh about 103 or 106 and I’m 5’6, I know I’m underweight, my friends and even random people constantly remind me how skinny I am and it’s ANNOYING! Clothes look so baggy on me and don’t compliment my body at all like it would for curvy women like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez or even Nikki Minaj for crying out loud! Guys are also total jerks…I have a very fast metabolism, everything I eat my body quickly burns it off, it’s very hard for me to gain weight… It’s hard to feel comfortable in my body when alot of people have negative stuff to say, I want to gain weight so much :(.

    • Also I eat alot! But the weight gain always sheds off eventually… I try to not care what people say but being “constantly reminded” everyday how skinny I am by parents and friends and people is a BOTHER…

  • Lauren says:

    I get so many rude comments from people just about everyday, to the point where i do not like going anywhere. People are so fast to judge, and the thought of someone actually being NATUTALLY thin, doesn’t come to their heads..it’s ALWAYS ‘she’s anerexic’. It just shows how completely narrow-minded people are. It takes ALL kinds of people to make up a world. not every person can be the same. i eat so much (protein, carbs,), take my vitamins, i’ve tried those Ensure weight gain drinks, but my weight never changes. I’m 25 and 91 lbs. I’m barely accepting the fact that i’ll probably never gain the 10 lbs i’d love to have added on.

  • Mischa says:

    I know exactly how you feel! At 14 years old, 5 foot 3 and 84 pounds, I get that alot. My relatives are certain I have some sort of eating disorder (The funny thing is- they’ve seen how much food I can and will eat) and are always complaing about my “lack of body fat”. My friends are always complaining about how they wish they could be “thin like me”. I think that being told that you’re “scary thin” is just as bad as being called “fat”. Maybe it’s just me, but it really annoys me sometimes, especially since it seems like there’s nothing I can do about it. I really don’t like going to pool parties, and there are all the other girls, who fill out their swimsuits nicely, and here I come, still fitting into children’s clothes, in a bikini that is far too big, with all my nasty bones showing. Oh yeah, and I have a hard time floating on water, too. :P

  • Daniela says:

    I agree totally with what you guys wrote. I am 13, 5’5, and 100 pounds. I have been picked on because of my weight for as long as I can remember. I don’t go a day without thinking about my weight. All of my friends comment on my weight as well as strangers and school/classmates. My friends have said things like “I don’t see skinny as a blessing, I see it as a sickness” , “Look at you! I don’t think you could fit into any normal clothes, do you have a tailor fix yours?” , “God! Haha your skinny.” And I just think “damn. Your right I’m too skinny. What I wouldn’t give to swap my body for a better one.” Everybody critisizes me and make assumptions to why I am this freakin skinny and its killing me. I would stay in one place,and not walk or do anything (because even typing this sheds calories), to gain weight. Anything.

  • Daniela says:

    OH and not to mention, I read every single one of the comments. DW, lol, I have a life its just 3 am and I can’t fall asleep. I haven’t been able to.

    I am natrually skinny, but I also have a hyperactive thyroid which I am taking medication for. So it is extra hard for me to gain weight. I also belive that being skinny makes Me, I didn’t say everybody, uglier and i, being mixed with hispanic and black, would look stunning if I had a curvy and busty/nice assed physique..but I know it will never happen..

  • Not naturally thin. says:

    Jee, I didn’t realise you guys had it so tough :s I’m actually one of those curvy girls in the normal weight range, and I stumbled onto this article because I felt fat… Anyway, I live in Europe, and where I live a big majority of girls my age are skinny, like I hardly EVER see bigger girls like me (Im of polynesian descent, so Ive got more that kind of body type, whereas they are European so they have more a European body type in general). :( Because I’m in the minority, I feel like I’m always being made fun of… All the fashionable clothes look like crap on me, because they hang or cling in the wrong places, and whenever I build up the courage to wear a pair of skinny jeans, or a tighter shirt then usual, I can feel other peoples eyes on me, I assume in disgust… Its really had a bad effect on my life. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve become paranoid of everyone, and am constantly trying to lose weight. If a guy smiles at me, its because he pities me and is trying to be nice. If a girl says, “Wanna be my wing girl at this party?” I assume its so she’ll look skinnier and prettier in comparison to me…
    I never get told, “Oh youre so skinny, you’re so lucky!” Or any sort of confidence boost at all. :(

    Anyway, heres some stuff you guys should be happy about :-)

    1. At least you GET compliments! Don’t say they are annoying! Just be glad you get them! Cuz I don’t! *sulk* :p
    2. You probably won’t get any eating disorders. (I mean, youre complaining about being naturally thin, right? Or is the problem not your body, but other peoples perception of you because of your body type? I don’t know, either way, you don’t think you have to lose weight.)
    3. Other people are jealous of you! I mean seriously, how many people are jealous of the fat girl? Zero. Think about it. Be happy!
    4. Boys like thinner girls. Sure, they SAY they don’t, but half the guys in my class say that the thing they notice first about a girl is their eyes… which is exactly what us girls want to hear. But seriously, in my class, its the skinniest that get the boys first.

    So anyways, this is just a GIANT rant from the other side of the weight coin. See ya!

    • Uhuh says:

      I think you’re misinterpreting the point of this because skinny isn’t considered a confidence boost here. Any sort of remark like that about someone’s figure (fat, skinny, etc.) can potentially hurt his or her feelings.

  • Every one of those points I read, I was nodding+smiling at. I am exactly the same! I am 14 years old and I weigh about 5 stone, (70 pounds) I’d say I’m quite tall for my age, as I am now taller than my 17 year old sister (but she is tiny!) But, I find it harder because my sister is small, but curvy (she’s perfect, not too big, nor too thin) and all the time I have to look at her looking stunning in dresses+then looking at me, and I look awful – like a stick. And all the time I get people saying to her ‘You look gorgeous’ or my friends say to me ‘You’re sister’s stunning’ but I don’t get told that! Because I’m too thin :/ But, I eat a lot! Sometimes I eat more than my Mum! And i know what you mean about the whole ‘i wish i was as thin as you’ thing. THEY DON’T! I’d rather be fat! atleast if i wasn’t happy I could just diet, but it’s SO hard to gain weight! And, like you, i don’t excersise, as I want to keep as fat as possible! I’m flat in the chest area, and I hate how all the other girls in my class are very large in that area, with nice curvy hips+legs, wearing skirts with the lads chasing after them! But I never wear a skirt because i LOOK AWFUL+I always get comments in PE in my shorts like ‘you’re sooooo skinny’ or ‘you’re anorexic’ or ‘gosh you’re so thin!’ or ‘you need to eat more’ NEWSFLASH! I do eat! And I’m aware of my body size thanks very much, I don’t need reminding every 2 seconds! Sorry for the rant, but like you I don’t really like being skinny! And whenver i do feel the slightest bit confident, someone makes a horrible comment+drops my confidence again! People are always saying ‘Curves are good’ and ‘size doesn’t matter (meaning curvy)’ or ‘big is beautiful’ WHAT ABOUT US SKINNY GIRLS? HUH? YOU DON’T HEAR ANYONE SAYING ‘skinny is nice’ or anything! and in magazines I’m sick of the sight of ‘lose 20 pounds in a week’ or ‘get a bikini body for summer!’ I NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT, NOT LOSE IT, AND I WANT A BIGGER BODY, NOT SMALLER! I feel discriminated that ppl are so called being nice by appreciating big bodies, all the while ignoring skinny ones! Sorry about this again, but I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for this post, and hopefully drilling into people’s skulls how we feel!

  • Also, when you say you don’t like beign skinny, someone says ‘well eat then!’ as if its that simple! I’m not stupid, of-course I eat! IT’S NOT WORKING!

  • skinnymini says:

    I like most of you googled, i hate being skinny and it is because i really do. I am 26 yrs old so to wish that i would grow up and develop is too late. I hate myself!!! I am obsessed with gaining weight and it makes things harder because i am constantly stressing about it. I’m from the Caribbean where curves are golden. I look like im 12 and i hate it. People constantly comment on how tiny i am, reminding me to eat …as if i need reminding. I have dealt with this feeling for over 10 years and honestly im fed up. I hate myself and i just wish that i didnt have to live another day.

    • I’m only 14, but I still agree with you,because i can’t see myself getting curvier anytime soon, and that’s kind of hard to grasp! Especially with my perfect sister, and feeling intimidated by her all the time! I know we both hate our skinny bodies, but aslong as you’re eating it’s fine, I’ve learned to realise that although i’m not too happy with my body shape, the aspect is pretty cool. Think of all those people who everytime they take a bite of something, have to check the calories or see if they’ve put on weight. We don’t have to do any of that! We can enjoy whatever food we like without the slightest bit of worry! I hope this made you feel a little bit better xxxx

  • Roman says:

    Im a guy and have the same problem. It’s even worse for me being 5’3 and weight 98 lbs. I hate my height and weight and it’s not normal, I’m like a girl mixed with guy. My bones are tiny. Almost zero muscle. Other guys are stronger and bigger. I try to eat more but it doesn’t help. I’m already fucked with that height and being scrawny makes it worse.. I hate everything..

  • alexa says:

    hi well im 15 and i only weigh 90 pounds . there are times wen i could just start crying because i hate how skinny i am. ive always been skinny but now that there are all these parties i dont go because im embarresed of my body . guys never hit on my cause of how skinny i am. i cant wear leggings, i cant wear short sleeves and i hate wearing jeans . i hate meeting new people because the first thing they always say is “your soo skinnyyy”. people in my family think im anerexic. i dont understand why i am still this fucking skinny i hate it so much.. i always wonder how different my life would be if i could actually put on some weight . this is the number one thing i am most self conscience about . of i weighed maybe at lleastt 100 or my goal is 110, i would actually go out with my friends ,goto parties, wear most of the clothes in my closet, go out and fucking buy leggings (y

    • I was exactly the same at this age. Always between friends, never happy with my skinny self and felt very conscious when meeting new people. But you know what? As I got older I just realised not to care about what other people thought of me anymore! Don’t let your body hold your personality back. And guys probably don’t approach you because you are shy like I was. I didn’t have a boyfriend til I was 18! And trust me your not missing much, there is way more important things in life.

      Don’t hate yourself Alexa. And buy yourself leggings :)


    • cris says:

      You’re 15 and NINETY POUNDS? Hey, I’m 15 and SIXTY POUNDS. It’s worse for me, and I understand when people ask you if you’re anorexic. It’s incredibly hurtful and annoying. :(

  • I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! I am naturally slim (I HATE that word skinny) and I think its disgusting when people think its appropriate to say stuff like… “You are so skinny! Why don’t you eat more?” But they wouldn’t go up to a fat person and insult them in the same way. I think there is no perfect weight. You get what your given and love what you have! As long as you are healthy and happy :)

  • Anonymous says:

    ohhhh my god we are living double lives… i’m also 5’5 and weigh like 100lbs and hate itt for these exact reasons….haha i feel ya

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha so happy i found something, somewhere, so I don’t feel like the only one anymore. I’m 5’4″ and 95.5 lbs. If I eat- well I lose weight! People tell me to eat, really? As if I need reminding, I probably eat more than you. Just because I can’t eat a cow in one sitting doesn’t mean I can’t eat a plate or 2 and be hungry 20 minutes later.
    I hate the comments, especially when I am a size zero and my friends are 4, 7, 8, and 9. Makes me feel left out, haha. I’m a 32b but its weird on my small frame. You all made me feel a ton better. Just trying to build up thigh and butt muscle now, hopefully it will balance me a bit.

  • Dakota says:

    Ahhhh I love it! I am 4’11 and 83 Ibs. I’m a month away from being 20 and i’ve NEVER hit 90 Ibs… I’m sooooo sick of hearing people talk about how I need to eat more or about how if “I lived with them for a month they could fatten me up.” I’m short and thin….that’s just me! Get over it. I can eat all the time and still lose weight. But if by chance, like most people do I get in a mood where i’m not really that hungry well God forbid that..I must have an eating disorder.

    And then lets get on the subject of me eating all the time. When I do eat all the time, which is most of the time, people complain about how much I eat. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t make comments when I eat a lot AND make comments when I don’t…

    Also, it’s not just everyday people that have something to say about it. When I was in high school the doctors threatened to put me in the hospital if I didn’t get to 90 Ibs even though I was eating all the time. I never got to 90Ibs. Even on weight gaining medicine and with me eating ALL the time I only managed to gain 6Ibs in OVER 6 months.

    I’m tinny. That’s just me and people need to get over it!

  • I know exactly how it feels x.x; I’m 19, about 5’4″ and I weigh 96 lbs. Everyone always makes comments about how jealous they are. Or they ask “OMG do you ever eat?” Yes, I do freaking eat. All the time. I’ve tried to gain weight lots of times. I think the heaviest I’ve ever been was 102 lbs, and I couldn’t keep the weight on. Sigh. People need to understand that being “skinny” doesn’t make your life perfect. Or make people like you more, etc. Bleh.

  • julie says:

    so happy to have found this place. i’m 180cm (5.9 ft) for 60 kilos (132 lbs) meaning i look like a stick. having breasts for me is like gonna be a lifelong fantasy . and when u think that for me breasts represents feminity, u’ll understand how i feel. plus all the things u said: i didn’t think i would survive this winter. impossible for me to wear cleavage or people start offering food to me (literraly) . it sucks!!! but don’t take me wrong, i don’t intent to change , i could do a boob job but i don’t. i know that nobody is perfect and everybody has a complex so the right thing to do would be to try and accept yourself

  • Tegan says:

    I feel for you, you have just wrote my whole life down! We have so much in commen it’s hard to belive but anyway I’ve learned to understand that I’m skinny so what! And at least I kniw I’m not lazy and never get of my but. And I can eat the whole kitchen if I wanted to be oh well that’s me and that’s who I was born to be! So just saying your probably a really nice person and you shouldn’t let this get you down at all:) I’m here if you need a chat:)

  • Jasmine says:

    this is exactly how I feel!!! I have been skinny all of my life and if I hear one more person tell me I need to eat more I am going to snap!!!!

  • cris says:

    I’m 15, 4’9, and I weigh 60 pounds. I’m so tiny, petite and skinny. I look like a walking stick. No butt, no breasts. ;(
    You know, “omg do you EAT?!” “omg are you ANOREXIC?!” “omg GO EAT A BURGER!”
    Literally, people bump into me and they exclaim “oh sorry! I didn’t break you, did I?”

  • chelsea says:

    Omg. I know how you feel!! Sometimes I think, “oh I live in America. People in Europe (Italy and France) would be similar to me.”

  • UMARIE!!! says:

    OMFG!! I laughed at each of thses cause their so EFFING realatable:D ur not the only one who can float on water I can’t even swim! I’m 15 but constantly get mistaked for 12! Guys my age r like “hey,I don’t wanna go to jail”

  • UMARIE!!! says:

    OMFG!! I laughed at each of thses points cause their so EFFING realatable:D ur not the only one who can float on water I can’t even swim! I’m 15 but constantly get mistaked for 12! Guys my age r like “hey,I don’t wanna go to jail” I stuff my flat ass with junk then turn into a coach potato trying to use little energy HOPEING!!!! That ill gain a pound for christ’s sake! Dammit!

  • areli pena says:

    Hey i got the same problem as u n i really hate being skinny sumtimes i wanna wear a pretty dress or short but then i look at my legs n arms n start hateing my body so usually wen ppl say im so skinny i see tha like if there making fun of mi but i am kinda likeing my waste but thats all though.

  • HAPI says:

    UGH I”M 5’6 13 yrs old and 108 pounds I hate being so skinny and my sister is like so thick an everyone looks at her for her body and everyone looks at me for my smartness and face but i want something more than a pretty face sigh :( and dont even feeel pretty

    • Sam says:

      I feel ya there. But I say, that you can try eating donuts haha–those go straight to yoh knows. No no–in the meantime, you are fine already–there are positives of how you are–skinny people and larger people are attractive to those who are the better types.

  • Ash says:

    I totally understand. I’m 15, 5’5, and 100 pounds with absolutely no boobage, and finding clothes is impossible, but it’s who I am and I’ve totally learned to embrace it. Fat people don’t like being called overweight, and the naturally skinny certainly don’t like being called anorexic.

  • Sam says:

    Very good post, and I like the humor. I searched because I am actually chubby and trying to lose weight, but I had a flashback to when I was a kid I was a formerly skinny. Actually, I was normal, but for some reason my family had to tease. Over the years I have met girls who hated being called skinny and how annoyed they would get, I was surprised how much they hated it but then I remembered how it felt. Now, some people tease in a friendly manner and think that it should be a compliment forget that it makes a person uncomfortable because, well–they are staring at their body! Invading privacy by watching how much they eat. I was teased for all of the above. I’m so sorry about your experience. I remember being criticized and at times and if it followed comments about how they were “jealous” I couldn’t help but think they were becoming mean and borderline creepy–what with the suggestions about me puking what I ate–over a misconception they had over something I found is “not my fault” and I felt ugly….I wore layer of clothes to simulate fat, I tried to eat a lot in front of them but then I was teased for bulimia. I felt that I constantly looked “sick” and pityful. I ended up becoming somewhat of a binge-eater.

    Being chubby:
    Now it’s the opposite LOL. I have been commented on my big butt…I try to see it as a compliment but it still makes me feel bad sometimes. I have had a skinny girl compare my body to hers and pointed out how I’m “fatter” after asking my weight…Yeah, apparently??? Did not understand why it was a subject. Was someone comparing her and I? Anyway, I’ve also been called fat by a random, er hem, pretty bitch in a bathroom who hated me at the moment just for lifting my arms while I tied my hair in the mirror and my belly poked out. What the? What sucks about being fat…Well, I guess I don’t really need to emphasize since most people abhor it sooooo much….But, when a large person wears anything remotely revealing, like a bathing suit at a swimming pool, or if some fat pokes out by accident…People get grossed out and because they see this person showing it, they assume the person is “conceited and confident for no good reason”…Like that girl in the bathroom who thought I was showing off my fat lol—she was pretty, I wasn’t being entirely sarcastic, but what was her deal? What did it matter to her if another girl is fine with herself if that’s what she thought…Which I haven’t been, ever. Lol, at least not for long.

    • Sam says:

      In brief to summarize to anyone who scrolled
      this far.

      Being teased makes you feel just as hated and ugly….Big or small. I’ve seen both sides.

      It sometimes ticks me off to hear people talking crap about others…I notice it’s usualy young kids though so if you’re over the age of 18, pretty immature in my opinion…At a certain point you should be able to avoid the temptation to say stuff and talk about your own life…

  • Tiana says:

    I know exactly how you feel ! I’m 5’6 and 105 pounds on a good day! :( I swear if I get asked “if I flick you will you break?” one more time I’m gonna flip!

  • Violate says:

    I know how you feel…
    I have the same problem as much as I eat I don’t get fat.im tired of people telling me “omg you so skinny” and this and that. Hate how people thing being skinny is a great thing well its not.

  • Caitlin says:

    I can relate to alot of you, i hate being so skinny it makes me depressed. I have been made fun of since i started school and although laugh at al the jokes it really bothered me. my own friends would make comments about my weight and that really hurt me. Im 20 and still really skinny, its the worse not being able to find clothes to fit me.

  • Theresa says:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but
    I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  • Amanda says:

    I’m 5’6″ and weight 115 lbs. I’m a senior in high school, and went into my freshman year weighing roughly 135. Then because of depression, I lost 40 pounds within two weeks and have been struggling to gain it back ever since. I’m extremely insecure about how awkward and lanky my body looks to me. I hate that my hip bones are so prominent, and my bony hands and feet get on my nerves too. And the comments are endless. “Do you even eat?” I hate it. I wish people realized that you can be insecure about your body without thinking you’re fat. There are so many girls with GORGEOUS bodies who are always talking about dieting. And it pisses me off SO much.

  • Dana says:

    OMG i seriously love you guys. My parents always say how i’ll grow into my body when im older but it sucks royaly. Im 15, about 5″6 or 7 , weigh 110 and i wear 0′s or 3′s (sometimes) in jeans, but it really does seem the everyone else around me is curvy and gorgeous!!! I’ve had depression for a while now so my insecurity hasnt helped a bit. Once in 5th grade my teacher had said that if she went to space, she’d weigh as little as me. I was astonished. I cried. and i’ve hated her since. But i’ll admit i do see other people (a few) who are skinnier than me but are shorter, so they look a bit more porportional…so i just feel like a tall skeleton. Although my dad was way skinnier than me when he was in school , he is pretty big now and looks completely normal. Also my mom used to have bigger boobs than a double D cup and i still have 32A. My sister is almost 18 and she ha like 34B i believe i just wish i could get bigger. I agree with everything you guys have said, and being skinny is definaly not what other people think. Ive heard all those horrid comments like “add some meat to your skin and bones” or “you’re so skinny, are you anorexic?” it hits you like a slap in the face. It stings even though you know God created you the way you are, you still feel like crap. I hate when curvy girls call their self fat because OH what i would do to be as beautiful and popular as they are. I know i need to not care what people think , but like y’ll said, guys dont like skinny girls, girls just are so judgement towards us, and on top of that parents and adults insult us. Its rough but we have to stay strong and keep reminding our selves that everybody’s different and BEAUTIFUL in their own way. We ARE worth it. Every freaking bit.

  • Alayna Ross says:

    This is just like me!!! Every single detail describes me perfectly. Every.single.one. Even our heights are the same. No one understands that being called too skinny hurts just as bad as being called too fat. Its so hard to find clothes that flatter me, and it’s wayyy hard to find a 32A bra. Sigh

  • Awisha says:

    OMG! :O me too and i agree with all what you said, except ”omgyouaresoskinnythatscool”NO. people never say that. they think skinny is bad and ugly and yeah, i hate them -_-

  • brooke says:

    I know how you feel! I recently been working out a lot and gaining muscle which makes me feel a lot better about myself. People are surprised to see a girl as skinny as me has guns. haha And my legs are not so sticky looking anymore. But it still doesn’t make up for my absence of lady lumps. I tried increasing my food intake and eating 4 snacks and 4 meals a day but even after a month i’m still just as little. I even tried muscle milk and protein bars. So I guess some people just have an extreme metabolism and we just gotta deal with it :( But the working out does help and is a good confidence boost. :)

  • Tay says:

    Its the same for me everyone says its a comment but its not it really hurts me its like u get in for calling someone fat but not skinny I eat so much that my mom says I should take it easy on the food yet I still wight the same I gain here and there but its mostly musslue

  • Nene says:

    Im 5’7 and I try not to let my size get to me, I really do but damn I can’t help it. I feel really ashamed & embarrased looking the way I do. When I do get to the point of loving my shape, the few minutes of confidence gets knocked all the way back down when hearing the word skinny (too small) and then i start seeing girls with the body I wish I had… Feeling very uncomfortable til I don’t wanna get out my seat.. im just so uuuuggghhh

  • Manda says:

    I am the exact same size as you! I’m only 14 so ill grow a little more but I know how this feels and I hate it. I usually love my body but recently one of my friends told the school counselor that she was worried about me “not eating enough”. I had eaten four pieces of pizza that day for lunch -.-

  • sumandak says:

    Im 21, 5′ tall, weigh 103lbs and with babyface look mean finding a job is difficult. Every employers I met finds it hard to take me seriously. I tried makeup to make me look mature but end up looking like a babydoll, silly and creepy ( Seriously, i had a good laughed). Because im skinny, my body looks smaller and often got mistaken as primary kids. This led to low confidence in socialising.
    So, yeah I know exactly what you feel.

  • Kay says:


  • katherine says:

    Im 5’5 and 87lbs..

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